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Price List

Pamper Package

(Araya relaxing signature massage & Araya signature facial with a choice of our essential blending oil)

60 min/$180

90 min/$260

120 min/$340

Couple Pamper Package

60 min/$340

90 min/$480

120 min/$620

Total Luxury Package

(Araya full body massage in your choice of style, hydrating face mask, hot steamed towels and head and face massage. Then a second facial of collagen mask to nourish your skin, and warm foot bath and foot massage. )

120 min/$360

150 min/$420

Couple Total Luxury Package

120 min/$640

150 min/$720

Ultimate Package

(Araya massage, facials and spa treatments. It is perfect for body rejuvenation. Araya popular couples option for those celebrating a special occasion or away on holiday!)

180 min/$560

Couple Ultimate Package

180 min/$860

Relaxation Oil Massage

30 min/$80

60 min/$150

90 min/$200

120 min/$280

Couple Relaxation Oil Massage

30 min/$150

60 min/$280

90 min/$380

120 min/$480

Remedial / Deep Tissue Massage

(Muscle recovery from soreness with special oil blend)

30 min/$80

60 min/$150

90 min/$200

Couple Remedial / Deep Tissue Massage

30 min/$160

60 min/$280

90 min/$380

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

(Body detox with aromatherapy massage)

60 min/$170

90 min/$260

Couple Hot Stone Massage Therapy

60 min/$340

90 min/$480

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Kahuna Massage

45 min/$130

60 min/$180

Couple Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Kahuna Massage

45 min/$340

60 min/$350

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